Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mommy's Halloween Lion

Today I turned my son into a Lion. Being worried that he wouldn't like his costume, or that he would be afraid of it, I let him play with the costume beforehand. Also, We tried it on 3 times this week and looked in the mirror so he could get used to it. I fought tears and laughter tonight as I watched him. He was so cute running around as Mommy's lion. We went to a carnival at Roller Land skating rink in Choctaw. It was so entertaining to watch him examine all the costumes. He was so intrigued. I wonder what his little mind was thinking. He can't use words to communicate, but his Oo's and Aah's and Lookit's were as if to say, "What is that? Why does he have his face painted? Why does Grandma have ears on? "

I think back to all the Halloweens that my mother made so special for us. Orange cupcakes that we decorated like jack-o-lanterns with sprinkles, Homemade costumes, Trick-or-treating, etc were always so much fun. My mother was, and still is, the best costume maker. She would always dress up with us to go trick-or-treating too! I want Tobin to have fun memories of the holidays. Any ideas for this week being Halloween? What was your tradition in your family? I would love some new toddler-friendly ideas. Thanks in advance!


Lorren Says... said...

You ain't "lion", he's a cutie pie!

stephanie said...

we like to go to a local 'pumpkin patch' type place and take photos amidst the pumpkins. some offer hayrides (not so great for allergies, but fun nonetheless)

and about the humidifier, i cannot recommend it though it is cute. it doesn't work after one use. maybe a fluke. i got it at walmart if you're willing to give it a chance.

Rachel Cobb said...

That is a great tradition to do every year with your kids! So sad about the humidifier. I wonder if they've been recalled? hmm... it IS cute, however.

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