Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today was a beautiful day with the most beautiful weather. My husband got home from work. We ate dinner as a family and then headed off on a family outing to a Softball game in town. Before leaving the house, I packed the "mommy" necessities for my toddler, Tobin, which included his silky, juice, crackers, hat, and gloves. Yes, even with the beautiful 70 degree weather we had today I had to be prepared for anything. When we opened our car doors at the ballpark, the wind came swirling in from outside. The cold front had made it's way right to where we were going to spend the next 2 hours. We loaded Tobin in the stroller, put on his hat, which he insistently pulled right off, and made our way to the ball field.

As an adult, I never really notice the wind unless it blows my hair out of place, or picks up something in my hand and carries it away. Tobin, on the other hand had never experienced this "wind" before. After I put his hat back on his little head, I enjoyed myself as I watched him try to walk while the wind pushed and pulled at him. He has only been walking for about 6 weeks and struggles enough on a day to day basis without having to deal with this new problem. Needless to say, he did not like this challenge. He walked up and down the bleachers holding one hand above the bench as if prepared to catch himself in case he was to fall. He laughed and chanted his baby language. Then, he would lose his balance and mommy would catch him. He got so upset at whatever this force was that pushed him down. How can toddlers be so entertaining?

Being his mother, I think he is very smart. Today when we had our snack, he color coordinated his fruitloops and ate them one color at a time. For a 13 month old, I think that is very smart, or maybe a bit Obsessive Compulsive... who knows? Tonight he learned about the "wind". He can't say it's name, he doesn't know it's purpose, but he kept trying to walk, or read his book, or hold on to his crackers no matter how hard that wind blew. At the same time, he had the faith that I was right there behind him, making sure he wouldn't get hurt.

My reflection on tonight is this; Tobin could not see the wind, though he tried so hard. He would turn around when it pushed him as if someone or something was directing him. Tobin saw and experienced for the first time the effects of the wind. Just like Tobin, we cannot see God. We can only have faith in HIM while seeing the effects he has our lives, and those around us.

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