Monday, October 22, 2007

Melt My Heart

Today seemed like it was two days. THE longest day ever, well in a long time anyway. First of all, Tobin has been not quite too big for size 4 diapers and really still too small for size 5. He was put to sleep last night in a size 4, needless to say when he woke up, his diaper had come undone and he, his bed, and his sheets were all wet. It was a mess! After his bath, I put him in his playpen so that I could clean up his bedding. I was in the process of putting his sheets in the washing machine when I heard his laughing getting closer. I peeked out of the utility room to see him running towards me. It shocked me for a moment as I wondered for a split second if Tony had come back home. Quickly, I realized that he had somehow climbed out all by himself. I looked him over to make sure he wasn't hurt, then I tickled him as he continued laughing at his great accomplishment. My day was full of ordinary chores-all done while chasing Tobin around the house. Today was vacuum day-in which Tobin helped me by chasing the vacuum around as I vacuumed. I dug out a new hand-me-down toy for him (a purple and red monkey) and he carried that darn monkey around all day long like his baby. It was definitely cute. He threw a HUGE fit at lunch because I took his monkey away while he ate. As you all probably know, PB&J does not go well with a stuffed animal. He played in the crib for an hour at nap before finally falling asleep. In the afternoon, we ventured to Wal-Mart in the cold and rainy weather to get some necessities. He had his monkey with him but still did not seem to be pleased. He snacked on animal crackers while I stared at the shelves trying to decide which fabric softener to buy. I hear his laugh, and turn to see him standing in the cart while still strapped in. I was holding on to the handle and still, he stood up! My heart stopped, as I pushed him back down into the cart. He threw a another fit, kicking and screaming. He then decided to throw his monkey as far as he could. Needless to say, I headed for the check-out.

For some reason, at Wal-Mart I always tend to pick the line with the cashier that flashes her light because she needs a manager as I debate to stay there or to move to another line. This time I decided to stay. As you would know I picked not one, but TWO items without tags on them. Yes, I know the people behind me were thinking, "Good grief lady!" as they were wondering if I had fed my screaming child today. AAAAaahhhh!!!

When the day was through, and we were chilling out in the living room, he comes waddling over to me arms reached high, wanting mommy love. No matter what kind of day it is, or how long it seems, Tobin always melts my heart!


Lorren Says... said...

Sounds like an adventure filled day! I love that Tobin-boy!

Greg and Joy Ryan said...

FYI-huggies makes a great overnight diaper!

Kristi said...

This was a cool blog. Thanks for sharing about your day. I totally related with you, these boys can melt our heart all the time!

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