Thursday, May 5, 2011

He made me a Mommy

This week I can't help but think about becoming a Mommy for the first time. I grew up dreaming about being pregnant, and having a baby, and being a wife and mommy. I feel so blessed to have my sweet Tobin. Only God knew he would come so soon (less than 2 years into marriage), and only God knew what a blessing he would be to us!

Tobin, in the Hebrew language, means "God is good". Oh, how good God was to us to give us our sweet Tobin boy. He is so smart, he blows me away sometimes. His memory is ridiculous! The kid can remember things that even I can't remember. It seriously amazes me- the things he remembers. He is so sweet and kind and loving towards his friends and family. Last night at church, Caroline was throwing a HUGE fit! I mean, a stomping her feat waving her arms fit. I said, "Come on Tobin, let's leave her alone". He immediately burst into tears as if I meant we were actually going to leave her at church. ugh... No, not ever. He is so protective of Caroline. He always makes sure she has her snack or juice or sticker before he does. He helps her on and off he trampoline, and in and out of the car. He really does take good care of her!

Tobin Loves Jesus! He never ever lets us eat food or go to bed, or take a road trip without praying. He always prays when he hears sirens down the street. The other night at bedtime prayer he said, "Lord, please help me ask you into my heart one day so I can get baptised for mommy and daddy" Sheesh, talk about the water works! Lately with my health issues he always prays that God will "heal mommy". He seriously believes God can do anything! I'm so thankful for that!

I guess I could go on and on with how great he is. I'm sure all you "Mommies" out there thing your child is the best child. But seriously, I can't imagine what my life would be like now without Tobin, my sweet Tobin, the gift that made me a mommy.

Thank you, Lord for using Tobin to make me a Mommy! I am so undeservedly blessed!

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Kristyn said...

You've done a great job!!! You are a great mom! You are so deserving of such a sweet little boy! God has perfectly placed him in your life so that he can do all those sweet things. Praying for you is the best!! It absolutely melts my heart!!

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