Friday, March 25, 2011

Hospital Vaca...

Last Monday night about 10pm I felt a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen. By Tuesday night at Midnight, I was in the ER waiting to see a Doctor. I KNEW something was wrong. Worst. pain. ever. And, I HAVE had babies people! At 4:00am, they admitted me to the hospital. They said I had diverticulitis and micro perforations in my bowel. Long story short = They thought I would have to have surgery, and GOD HEALED ME without it! Not only did he heal me from this, I did NOT have an ITP Relapse, the number one risk for my body fighting infections. PRAISE GOD! I got to come home Saturday night. Oh, how blessed I am to be with my family. I am not in anymore pain, but am very weak and tired, as my body is still fighting infection. Please be in prayer with us as we pray for continued and complete healing from HIM! Here are some photos of my 4 day EXPENSIVE Vacation in the Hospital.

My menu for 4 days : Ice chips. Yum!

I had the SWEETEST visitors visit me!

My mom came over from Arkansas. Not sure what we would have done without her! Thanks for everything Mom! Thank the LORD for FaceTime with my sweet family. Oh, how I missed them. These were the highlight of my days! Sweet FaceTime Kisses from Sweet Caroline! xoxo

If you would like to make a scentsy order, to help pay for our hospital bill, I won't stop ya! Ha! Click on the link to the right ;)

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