Monday, June 28, 2010

A New Season

Our life has been crazy the last couple months. We have had 3 trips to Arkansas (which I will document with photos at the end of this post). Caroline started walking (finally), and Tony has taken a new position at He has been the Youth Pastor for the NW OKC campus for almost 3 years. We are now entering our 3rd week as official team members of the Edmond Campus of We are thrilled about this new journey, and excited to see how God is going to use us at this new campus. This week starts the "At The Movies" Series at and God does amazing things through this series every year! I'll update you all as we move along in the process of Decorating the Edmond campus like a famous animated movie! (more on that later)

With two kids running around, driving a different direction across town, season passes to Frontier City and White water, new responsibilities, and the craziness of Summer... We enter a new Season in our life. One of change, excitement, and moving forward with the new blessings God is going to do in (and through) our family. Here's some photos to document the last 2 months. Enjoy! (This sums most of it up, if you're thirsty for LOTS more photos, check out my facebook! If we're not friends, we should be!)
We spent the days trying to stay cool...
...And spent the evenings soaking in the cool breeze and just being together as a family...
...As we looked over the amazing view of Mountain tops...
One of Caroline's first steps on her own! She's a pro now!

The boys (my son and my brothers- 30 and 24) did lots of fighting with light sabers!

There were lots of rides on the golf cart-I like to call the farm mobile! It's got a bed on the back like a pick up!
Lots of yummy food from the garden...

... and homemade goodness inside, too!

Tobin caught his first fish and first lightning bugs!
...He liked the bugs better :)
3 generations all together at once! Grammy came to visit from Mississippi!

A new cousin (baby zoe) was added to make THREE!

Isn't she beautiful?!

Grammy was beaming over her4th great grandchild!

Tobin spent time helping Papa around the farm. He was fixing the tractor this day!

My baby sister and brother graduated from the University of Arkansas! Aunt Carol (from California) came out for the celebration!

Family self-timer photo... (obviously taken before Baby Zoe arrived (: )

We had some great times and made some great memories!

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Kristyn said...

Wow, you guys have been busy!!!! I love the generations photo...but it's actually 4 generations! :) Isn't so neat to be able to have that kind of stuff!!! I love having family and being able to share our lives with them. Glad you guys had so much fun!!!

Oh and congrats on Caroline walking!!!! Yay!!

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