Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversary Adventure

Tony had told me that I needed to be prepared for a whole day of "just the two of us". He had babysitters arranged from noon until 9pm. He told me what to bring. The rest was a surprise. Here is a photo journey through our day together.

The two of us headed out on our journey...

This was our first stop.
That's right, folks! Tony had reservations for a private 2 hour horseback ride at Lake Stanley Draper. I always wanted a horse when I was a girl. Tony, on the other hand hand never ridden before. There was no clouds in the sky, high of 78, and a cool breeze. Perfect conditions for horseback riding through the woods!

Tony trying to get on the horse for the first time! ;)

My horse, Black Jack

And off we went!

Through the woods, on lots of trails.

We swapped the camera, and he snapped a few. Had I known what we were doing, I would have worn a more flattering top. You see, horseback riding is not the "best" of posture, and posing for photos. Oh well, had to document the day!

We had a terrific time! In my right hand there is a horseshoe. Our guide gave it to me and said to hang it over our door for luck. She showed me the right way to hang it so that all the luck doesn't "pour" out. We will hang it somewhere in our home. However; our home is filled with blessings from the Lord and not "luck"... just saying.
Our next stop was here...
The Warren Theater. It is a brand new theater that is built to represent an old theater. The ushers all wear tuxes. ( I should have taken a photo of one of them!) They have balcony seating, and the curtain doesn't rise until the show starts. It was so great! I was impressed! We saw The Proposal. It was a pretty cute movie!

Part of the inside of the theater.

Tony making his "Why do you take pictures of everything" face.

Had to snap one of the two of us! he looks like he's kissing the camera. Haha!
Our next stop was dinner. Tony used a coupon for "Buy One entree, get one FREE". He is my kind of man. So we ate at TGI Fridays on the patio. So romantic! So yummy! So affordable!

With no kids, we actually sat next two each other. It was so nice! Of course we talked about the kids the whole time I think...
Then, waiting for me was a dozen red roses and a private sunset cruise on Lake Hefner. I could not believe it!
So excited, pulling out of the dock!


Some sparkling GRAPE JUICE and toasts for another 50 years. I think if we take care of ourselves we should be able to make it to 55 years of marriage!

Our Captain, and crew: Jeremy Baldwin Thanks for letting us use your restored 1956 Higgins, wood bottom boat. SO romantic!

Me and My Prince Charming At Sunset! Goodbye sun, Hello future!

We sat in the middle of the lake to watch the sunset. When our Captain went to start the boat...
wait for it..... guessed it. It didn't start! Ha ha! So, the police had to tow us back to the dock. I think that might have been the best part of the day.
To our rescue: The Police Boat!

1956 Higgins

The beautiful boat and amazing Captain!

To my love: Thanks so much for the amazing Day! It will never be forgotten! Wish we had it all on video, too! You're the best, I don't deserve you. You are truly the man of my dreams!
Thanks to Babysitters: Britney Rose, Jessica Waszak, Sarah Burnett, and Boat Captain: Jeremy Baldwin for making our day possible! We love you all!

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Kristyn said...

Congrats to Tony for planning such a great day!! I'm glad that you guys had a great day of fun together!

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