Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Sock PJ's

Tobin had to pose in his new "sock" pj's. They are Christmas pj's I got on sale last year after Christmas. They have Christmas trees with stockings hanging on them, Reindeer with Stockings hanging out of their mouths, and snowflakes randomly placed. They are pretty cute! Anyway, Tobin says they are NOT stockings, they are "socks"! I guess... to him, they are just "socks". I mean, why are they called "stockings" anyway? I guess I need to research the history on Christmas Stockings. I snapped some photos of him posing in front of the tree with his "Christmas Sock Pj's" tonight, and thought I'd share them. Enjoy!
I have no idea where he learned to "pose" like this. But, when you take his photo, he says "Cheese" and folds his hands under his chin and tilts his head. What a ham!
Happy boy!

He LOVES to play behind, and underneath the Christmas tree. There are a collection of his things back there. Oh well, he's only two years old for one Christmas, right!?

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