Sunday, December 21, 2008

33 weeks

Tonight we headed to the Edmond campus of for the annual "Christmas Drums" performance. We let Tobin sit through service with us, and he had a great time! I wore my Christmas shirt that my Grammy made for me this Christmas, and it's so comfy and cute! I love it! Tony thought we looked so cute tonight in our Christmas attire, that he took our photo in front of our tree. Although, you can't see much tree with me covering it ;) Anyway, no lipstick or eye makeup, but that's okay, I guess. I have a lot to do before Christmas, I can't believe it's only 3 days away! Eeek! I hope you enjoy this Christmas week for every moment that it's worth!
33 weeks

PS- I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow... I'll update everyone if anything changes. But we only have 3-6 weeks left to go! I cannot believe it!

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