Monday, July 15, 2013

Tickled Pink

Friday we got in to see the specialist about Caroline's Kohler Disease.  He explained that in Kohler's disease, because there is no blood supply, the bone shrinks.  He then had a huge smile on his face and said, "ironically, this is happening in three bones in Caroline's foot.  It is so rare and unique".  He was almost excited about it.  So, the big middle bone in her foot should be round, and it's not.  It is flat and tiny and pointy.  It's hard to envision unless you see it on the x-ray, but they didn't give me copies for my blog.  So, you'll just have to try to see it the best you can, in your head. Ha!  Also, she has the kohler disease in her tiny toe, and in her big toe.  So. Strange. 

The Doc said she would need to be in a hard cast for at least 4 weeks.  I talked him into letting her have a weight-barring cast, since she isn't that heavy anyway, so she can walk on it. We go back in four weeks to see how things are healing.  He said it will most likely all heal and go away, eventually.  So, that's what we are praying for -- a FULL recovery for Caroline!

 She chose a pink cast!

 This guy has put on over 15,000 casts in his life! He definitely knew what he was doing! Caroline said it tickled when he was putting it on.

Tobin wasn't worried about the attention she was getting, he told jokes the whole time! 

Here she is just after her cast was put on...


Here she is in the car. She was so excited to have a pink cast, instead of the brown one! Ha!

 I'm sorry.  I may be wrong, but I think she is so darn cute!  If you were wondering, I didn't tell her to strike this pose! Where did she learn how to give a peace sign? She is such a ham!

I'm going to bling it up today with some rhinestones.  A girl's gotta have her accessories, right?

She complains some about pain and sometimes about itching but otherwise is doing quite well.  Please keep our princess in your prayers, for quick healing.  Have a super week!

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