Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Trip of A Lifetime (part four)

The next couple of days were filled with fun with family. We had a family birthday party, celebrated Father's Day, and just hung out together.  We went and saw the homes we lived in, before we moved from California.  I got to see the hospital where I was born.  We went to Graber Olive House, and saw lots of fun things.  Mostly, we made fun memories with each other.

 Lots of cousins got to meet for the first time, and it was so fun!

 Sweet little RJ turned 1!

 Jacob and Tobin hit it off!
 Daddy and his sister Janet

Carol's pool was put to good use!

 All the 2nd cousins together

 Grown boy cousins
 Grown up cousins.  I still remember playing together when we were tiny kids!
 Dad and his sisters, Janet and Carol

 Jacob and Tobin playing DS together.  They really did hit it off!

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