Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Miracle Memory In Print

I'll take a pause in my vacation posts to tell you about something amazing that happened this week.  I went online to order some prints from our Vacation.  When I logged on, I noticed (this particular store)  had saved all the pictures that I had ordered in the past! There were years of photos on there!  I could not believe it! So, of course I printed a lot more than I expected to!  Now I have photos that go all the way back to 2008!  I'm thrilled I have these, and am wishing I had printed a lot more over the years.  Even though they would have burnt, I would have them in the archive to print again now. 

A word from the wise...  MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING and store them with a relative, or a safety deposit box.  It still sickens me to think about all the photos and videos of births, babies, milestones, and much more that we will never get back.  At least the Good Lord gave us memories in our brains, right?  Then the reality hits again that we are alive.  The photos don't seem like that big of a deal anymore.

There is no greater perspective than having all of my family safe and alive, and that is still the only thing that matters.  Even though this is true,  I was thrilled to find these sweet treasures this week online, so I thought I'd share in the miracle. 

Here is a snippet of a sweet few treasures I found...

(disclaimer: these are pics from the screen, I haven't received the CD's or prints yet, but I was too excited not to show you any, so I apologize about the horrible quality.)

Sweet baby Caroline!

Family picture from December 2008.  I was 8 months pregnant with Caroline.  This was before we lost our weight, but it's still a part of our life, right? Isn't baby Tobin cute!?

Caroline, wearing my baby outfit, and Tobin.  This was Easter 2009

Praise the Lord for a sweet little proof of the memories that are in our heads.  We are counting our blessings every day.  You should count yours too!

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