Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Trip of A Lifetime (part one)

My Dad bought an RV this spring, and invited our family of four, and my brother's family of four on a 2 week Road trip out West.  We absolutely said yes, and knew it would be a trip of a lifetime!  Two days before the trip, the generator broke, and with no way to get parts to fix it on a weekend, Dad called to say the trip was cancelled.  WHAT?!  Well, we were going no matter what!  Everyone agreed we still wanted to go, so we rented a 15 passenger van instead!  

We left on Monday morning, after a short brunch at my house, and headed to Kansas to stay the night in Cabins at a KOA campground.  It was great, and cheap!  I highly recommend it!

Here we are in our cabin the first night! There was even A/C!  We brought our own blankets and pillows, and phone chargers of course!  They had bathrooms and showers, a playground, and a pool too!  Now, that's my kind of camping!

Our cabins had swings on the porch! Nonnie is here swinging with the babies!

Serina (my amazing sister-in-law), and my sweet nephew Ezra playing on the playground.  You'll see a lot of him! 

The kiddos playing on the playground.
 The next day we hit the road and headed to Colorado.  Now, I'll just say this once but, GEE WHIZ Kansas is boring!

We hit the Rockies by the afternoon and stopped to take some photos.  The Scenery was some of the most beautiful I had ever seen!

The Whole Crew! 

My older brother Collin, Serina, Zoe and Ezra. Aren't they cute?
 Nonnie getting some Ezra lovin'
 There we are! Have grace, we were in a car all day long! ha!

Once we got through the Rockies, we stopped at a Rest stop and the Colorado river ran right by! We had to stick our feet in the Colorado! It was FREEZING!

 Showing me some river rocks!

The gang walking back to the Van to ride to California!

We stopped in Grand Junction and Gassed up and ate dinner at Chick fil'A.  Then, we got in the car and the men took turns driving through the night, while the ladies took turns settling the babes back to sleep.  What a long night, but we got to my Aunt Carol's house in California by 8:30 the next morning! We all took a dip in the pool, and took long naps. 

We all got to bed early so we could get up early and go to the "Happiest place on earth"-- DISNEYLAND!!  

More to come later...

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Kristyn said...

love all the scenic pics!!! So beautiful!