Monday, June 3, 2013

DIY Stair Basket

We live in a two story house now.  We have been here less than two weeks and stuff has begun collecting at the bottom of the stairs.  It amazes me that things we need to take upstairs, we don't just take upstairs.  We pile them on or around the stairs.  Why does this happen?  Probably so we can carry it up the next time we go up.  Sadly, by the time we go upstairs, there is too much stuff to carry in one trip.

Those of you who know me well know I am pretty organized.  I also LOVE baskets.  A friend of mine had some stair baskets on her stairs and I thought, "Why would you need those?"  Ha!  Now I know why.  So, naturally when my junk accumulation problem arose, I looked online for stair baskets.  I was not about to pay $40 for a basket. 

I quickly started thinking of another solution.  What do you have lying around after you move?  Lots of boxes.  Obviously, I didn't want an ugly box on my stairs.  I looked online for "DIY basket stair" and to my surprise I found a tutorial with some great tips here at Full Of Great Ideas Blog.  I had some gray chevron fabric left over from some throw pillows that I made for my couch.  I did not Mod Podge my fabric on like the tutorial showed.  I made a pattern and used my trusty hot glue gun.  Now it matches my living room and is quite useful!  Here is how mine turned out.

I may add some handles to it eventually.  I'm hoping it holds up well.  It seems very sturdy.

After the 2 hours it took me to make (and now that I'm thinking I may want more than one) I'm almost wishing I would have just bought a basket.

Oh well, I'll look at it like $40 in my pocket! 

What are you going to make this week?

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Sullivan said...

i was thinking the same thing, might as well just buy one. cuase I just covered some diaper boxes w/ fabric a few yrs ago, and that took hours. lol. but now that I kinda know what I'm doing it might take less. This way allows you to customize it though. many of the ones sold online are just brown woven baskets, of which im not a fan.
Thanks for sharing :)

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