Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's A Celebration

When I was younger, I LOVED birthdays!

I loved everything about them... the presents, the cake,...get-together's with friends and family,
...and I supposed I even loved getting a little older each year. After 21, it's kind of gone down hill for me. I'm not really sure why except that every year I get down in the dumps about what I haven't accomplished. I don't really know why. I guess it's different when you have to make your own birthday cake.

This year is going to be different! This year I'm celebrating a life that I almost lost. I'm not sure if you know how serious my ITP diagnosis in October was. The fact that I walked out of that hospital at all is a true miracle. The fact that I'm in remission now with now daily treatment is another miracle in itself. I'm not sure why God gave me a second chance but this birthday is going to be filled with CELEBRATING!!! I'm going to make Tony get me a cake. I'm going to demand a song to be sung. I'm going to actually spend my birthday money on ME this year. And, I"m going to be happy on my special day!
This year is going to be different too! A year of purpose and excitement for the unknown. A year full of laughter and giggles with my sweet husband. And lots of snuggles with my babies.
HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY TO ME... tomorrow!
Thank you, Lord for blessing me with this year! I am truly thankful!
(PS- To read about my ITP diagnosis and updates click on "ITP UPDATES" under the "LABELS" section to the right on my side bar.)


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Happy Birthday! I'm glad that you celebrated you!!! You are worth celebrating!