Sunday, January 23, 2011

We Are Alive!

I'm sitting here overwhelmed with thoughts thinking... "How will I ever catch up? Where do I start? and Do people even care about my blog?" I haven't written a post since before Thanksgiving. I have many many photos I could upload, lots of cute stories I could tell, and a series of "healthy" blogs I intend on writing.

Right now, I just want to let everyone know that we are alive and doing wonderfully! If you are reading this, do you care? Ha! Seriously, I'm just curious if any of you actually read my posts. I do this mostly for relatives out of state, and know I need to do better. Life gets busy, I know that! We have been so busy, it is really crazy to think about everything that has happened in the non-blogging last three months. I will post photos later this week. I hope to do better, and could fill a post full of ramblings of why I haven't updated in a while. Who cares, right?

Just to let you all know we are not MIA any more, and not sure if I will play "catch up" for a little while, or just start blogging again.... or a little of both ;)

Hope your holidays were terrific! Our family had a wonderful Christmas season! Hope to hear from YOU, on if you read this or not. :)


Kyndal said...

I read, and I care! :) Glad to hear your family is doing wonderfully. Tell Tony, Tobin, and Caroline I said hi!

Amanda (Byrd) Nunnally said...

I check in every couple of days :) Glad you're back.

Kristyn said...

I read it :) when you post! HA. I anxiously look almost every day to see what you guys have been up to. You need to update more---hehe. love ya girl!!!

Lorren Says... said...

I read! I'm in the same boat..haven't updated my blog since September. I need to get on that!

Kristina said...

You're funny girl! I miss you. We will have to get together soon.