Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feelin' like Fall

That's right! It's finally Fall, and wouldn't you know it actually felt like Fall outside today! So, as tradition would have it in our house, the pumpkins and leaves come out! It's starting to FEEL like FALL around here!

This morning we went across the street to a nursery that got a fresh batch of pumpkins! Tobin got to pick two out. He picked the interesting weird ones. I kinda like them!

This one below is called a Turban pumpkin.

A centerpiece for the dining room table. I am working on a project so until then, mason jars and natural elements like leaves and acorns will have to do!

You can't beat $3 pumpkins at Walmart!

Top of the TV Cabinet

Top of the Kitchen cabinets

One of my favorite pumpkins :)


Brie Herrera said...

You're so cute and festive! Makes me want to go out a get some more fall decor, light a cinnamon spice candle and sip hot tea!

Anonymous said...

I wish it felt like Fall here!! Hopefully soon. Looking at that picture at the top of your blog, Tobin looks like a mini Tony!! What a precious family you have! :)

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