Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thermostat Art

I just read this post from the Nester. She is having trouble with a stubborn light switch that is in an awkward spot. I thought this post might help her get more creative with the switch instead of ignoring it. We'll see...

I get lots of comments about this wall when people come into my home. They don't usually notice it until they walk out of the bathroom and there in front of them is our thermostat- framed like a piece of art. Sometimes they like it, and sometimes they say, "doesn't that draw attention to it?" I say, "so what?" I mean, isn't the thermostat pretty important in a home? Everyone has one in their house. Why not frame it like a work of art? This started when we bought our first home in Texas. Our thermostat, again, was on a narrow wall(not enough room to hang anything else beside it, but maybe above or below and i just didn't like it). I had this great frame that was empty because when we moved, the mirror broke out of it. I know what you're thinking... bad luck. But, I wouldn't state it like that and I'm not superstitious. So, I kept the frame to use for something else, having no idea what to use it for. I have a problem like that. I keep things (even if I don't have an exact spot at the moment) and hide them away for a day when I'm feeling creative. When we moved into this house, i used the frame again... what for? To frame the thermostat. Now, I'm wondering if I should paint the wall inside the frame around the thermostat a different color like Red or Blue. What do you think? Should I glue a matte around it? Leave it? Totally do away with it? What are your thoughts?
(Tobin wanted in the photo too so, I thought I'd give you an idea of where the door started. It's the same distance on the other side to another door.)


Brie Herrera said...

Cute idea! Never would have thought of it! I have HORRIBLE light switches and the a/c and separate thermostat in my living room and alway look at them and wonder what to do to make them less noticeable. Unfortunately they are too close to the edge of the wall and all out of line to frame.

Lulu said...

I think painting the wall or adding a matte would look really cool and add some creative flair to the frame. P.s., LOVE the frame!