Thursday, July 30, 2009

Out of Gas

I ran out of gas on the way home today from running some errands. Thank the Lord above that it was not 105 degrees like it has been. I had both kids with me, and that would have been torture! Luckily, it was overcast and breezy. Tobin figured out what happened pretty quickly. Our conversation went like this:

Tobin said, "Can't go mom, can't go!"
I explained, "I wasn't paying attention, and I forgot to fill up with gas. Without gas, the car can't run."
His reply: "Sorry mommy"
I said, " You don't have to be sorry buddy, you didn't do anything wrong. "
He said, "No, YOU sorry mommy"
I replied, "Yes, buddy- I'm sorry."

Lesson from my 2 year old: say your sorry when you cause trouble ;)

Thankfully, My Prince Charming came to my rescue!

On another note: I wish I would have invented the gas can. Maybe I'd be a billionaire by now!

Have a super weekend people!


Kristyn said...

Thank goodness for Prince Charmings!!

Rachey said...

Hi! Found your blog through Ashley M. Your conversation with Tobin is just precious, thanks for sharing! Glad hubby came to save the day!

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