Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 Weeks & Smiling!

We caught some smiles tonight on the cameras. She has started "cooing" and "oohing" as well. My camera has such a delay on it, that most photos didn't capture the smiles. Oh well, she's still so cute that I had to post them anyway! Notice the shirt that says, "Daddy, I want a pony!" Our sweet friend Amy gave that to us in Tony's honor. Isn't it cute? We can't believe how fast our sweet Caroline is growing. Don't forget to play the video at the bottom! Wish you could all see her in person- it's so much better than hearing my voice on the camera. Come see us any time!

Our Happy Girl!

"I don't know about all this. Give me a break, mom!"

So dad- can I really have a pony?

"Cooing at the camera"

"Let's just see if you can catch me grinning!"


Kim said...

Awwww... she's getting sweeter every day!! I LOVE her cute smile & happy grin =P *kiss kiss* sweet Caroline!! ~Kim

Kristyn said...

Such a sweet little girl. She's getting more and more beautiful each day! Baby smiles just melt the heart!!

Anonymous said...

PRECIOUS!!! I can't wait to have one of those. :) :) :)

Sarah said...

She's so dang CUTE!!!

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