Monday, February 23, 2009

Princess Photo Preview

My great friend Kim took some wonderful photos of Caroline last week for her baby announcements. I thought I'd share one now, and one is posted on my side bar. I'm saving the others until the announcements go out-but, I thought everyone might like a preview... so here is my favorite(that will not go on the announcements).

There is just a new kind of bond between us, as mother and daughter, that cannot be explained!


Kyndal said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to see that cutie in real life!

ChrissyK said...

GREAT picture.

The funny thing is...I agree with you about the new special bond between mommy and son. I guess what it is, is that we are expecting our second child to have that same bond we do with our first. But it blows us away when it is different.

God is good to send us such precious children.

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